My body online!

I came across this article a while ago and thought it should re-post given the continued developments. The article Jawbone buys Bodymedia for 100M demonstrates a continued focus on wearable measurement. 

This is a new market within an area I’m passionate about - Fitness & Technology. The development of this ‘measureware’ has provided a focus on having our bodies online! So will this mean consumers will start to leverage the data and modify their eating behaviours, fitness expectations? Should ‘The Biggest Loser’ start considering a pivot in a few years given this focus? 

It opens up a further discussion about what motivates people to training or even become healthier. If we have an ‘intelligent’ system continuing to provide us essentially ’bad news’ at the beginning of our new fitness/health journey will this be motivation enough for people to change their habits. 

We are also missing the supporting cast in this picture - Big Data, Personal Analytics, Advertising Consumption, etc.. These secondary elements provide organizations a powerful set of ‘real-time’ metrics - nothing new right! BUT this is now based on end-to-end health map/graph of people. Managed correctly, this could become very exciting - think comparable health, allowing you to measure your overall health against people in your area, fitness level, country, region etc.. Again, would this be motivation enough to move people? 

This space is exciting and developing. It has he potential to help people realize their goals, and equally allow organization to support this remotely!