A Brief Background

I'm a passionate product guy with over 15 years of experience in product development, content delivery and digital design across a number of industries. I've worked in all types of companies, including startups. I enjoy seeing an idea come to life and change the way we interact, work or feel. 

I relish the opportunity to define, design and support the creation of great products. Fostering deep collaboration between engineering, design, and product teams. Excellent at developing concept ideas and solutions to problems.

My Philosophy

I have great belief in idea experimentation and building relationships with people across every aspect of the product journey. Products should continue to simplify our lives and positively enhance our experiences.



Focus on architecting the right product outcomes to arrive at the expected vision. Continually looking to strike the right balance between championing the customer and the product goals. 



Understanding the needs of each individual product is vital in crafting the perfect user experience, and then translating this into a digital story. Product experiences should resonate, shape us and cause us to remember.



Leading products to market should have an actionable and iterative plan. Translating the product road-map into executable packages, establishing great team collaboration allows for suitable launch cadence.

Featured Products

The following are some products that I've had the opportunity to be part of. I've greatly enjoyed the diversity, scope of and industry revolution created with each of these products.  


The world's first online paint purchasing product. Allowing thousands of customers to order and receive paint within 24hrs. Lead product manager, technical manager and vendor licensing lead.


World's first real-time mine scanning product. Aggregating all onsite mine survey, safety and planning software to provide complete mine view anywhere. Lead product manager, customer manager and implementation lead. 



Fitness industries first commercial mobile class delivery platform for trainers and instructors. Replacing the need for fitness companies to deliver DVD's/CD's. Founder, Brand Developer and Product Manager.

Company's I've Worked With

These are some of the great teams' I've had the opportunity to work with.